Yatai New Dynamic

Changchun·China   |  108380

ClientYatai Group
CategoryShopping mall

About the Project

Changchun, where the project is located, is one of the major cities in northeast China, atai Group, the largest real estate developer in Jilin Province, made a decision to upgrade the commercial environment in Changchun with Yatai New Dynamic.
Taking in the romantic sentiments of Changchun, famed as the 'Spring City of Northland’, the designer decided to create a landmark of love here. In the name of love, the design concept of a “diamond realm " sets Yatai New Dynamic like a diamond on the arterial road of Erdao District. A trendy and stylish centre for the city's lifestyle seekers draws people in to feelloved!

The Uniqueness

The entire 108,380 square-meter shopping centre is divided into five theme spaces on seven floors: Diamond Food, Time Travel, City Parlor, Love Castle and Sky Bridge.The main atrium installs 760 diamond-like light sources to simulate natural light, which brings a touch of natural appearance to the otherwise enclosed top ceiling with a sensory tease.

The Challenge

The original building, long abandoned, was clad in grey marble and surrounded by elevated road, making it appear distant and uninviting. The new building features a crystal-clear glass façade, and looks like a carefully cut diamond set between two towers. The diamond-shaped structure is exquisite, radiant and transparent. The building is thus able to blend into its surroundings, inviting people to come closer.

Design Inspiration