Shanghai Joy City Kid’s World

Shanghai, China   |  4200

TimelineJan. 2017 - Jun.2018
ClientCOFCO.Shanghai Joy City
CategoryShopping Center

About Project

The Kid’s World on the sixth floor of the South building in Shanghai Joy City is the spatial extension of this love-themed shopping mall. This area of entertainment and retailing is delicately designed for kids aging 3 to 10, which provides enriching, interesting and diversified experiences. It encourages the kids to indulge in their everlasting innocent imagination, and to follow their instincts, to explore the nature in their own way.

The Uniqueness

The architect is inspired by Dandelion Hill, imagining the form of hills when adopting the rhythm of “contouring lines” in an undulating geography. In this space of 4200 square meters, the retailing stores and public entertainment areas are merged into the circular moving stream of visitors.

The Challenge

How to integrate the three-layer staggered structure of different heights on this floor is a challenge for the architect. Derived from the concept of Dandelion Hill, the whole space grows and flows naturally with the rhythm of the “contour lines”. Splendid colors shift between entertainment zone and retailing stores, where the communication between families takes place and kids are growing up. Through creating an interactive space, the design enlightens and inspires the kids, while encouraging their parents to come along with their exploration.

Design Inspiration

Inside the Rainbow Forest are retailing stores

The walkway along one side of the Rainbow Forest, taking over all the view of the atrium in mall.

Kids are resting in tree holes, playing hide and seek, going into stores through tree holes with the height of a kid.

The wall of “singing” stem art installation

Encourage the kids to hear the inner voice of nature with simply ear